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Workout Plan For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle Fast

If you people are naturally skinny, then definitely struggling with weight gaining issues. It would ruin the morale of those who want to gain a few pounds. Here in this blog, we are going to share a skinny guy workout plan bodybuilding routine.

Let me add one thing here you can’t achieve the weight goals only with the workout. Diet elements will also be included. It’s not impossible, but you need to burn calories.

Fast metabolism always gives you the chance to use the food as energy rather than storing it in the body. The thing is, I also was a skinny guy a few years back.

At that time, I was curious to add more muscles to my skinny body. In this guide, I will share what worked out for me so that you could follow it to get in shape as fast as possible.

Skinny Guys To Build Muscle Fast workout plan
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How To Gain Muscle Quickly For Skinny Guys?

Focus on Mass building Workouts

There is no way to get the muscles quickly if you haven’t paid attention to the workout routines. You need to spend some time in the gym building muscles groups. It includes squats, bench presses, dips, and chin-ups.

Make sure you have started with the beginner level and perform these exercises as per the recommendation of instructors.

Use weight after 8-12 reps. Always focus on proper technique and avoid jerking and swinging through different types of movements. Put your muscles in a full range of motion.

Perform exercises with short rest periods

People who want to build muscles need to do multiple sets with short rest between every set. It will be uncomfortable, but you will get the results.

Although the time between exercises is minimum you will get done with work in a minimum amount.

It will burn the hormones in the body by working overtime. Make sure you have started by doing six to eight repetitions of six different exercises with 30 seconds of rest.

Repeat the entire circuit maximum 3-4 times. Your body will get to use to restoring muscles.

Give yourself time

If you are trying to build muscles and want to go from skinny to buff, you need to have time between workouts.

You may find gym interesting three to four days, and five or six is even better, but muscle development will happen by tearing down and rebuilding fiber. It won’t give you any chance to restore itself.

Give yourself 24 to 48 hours between workouts to restore your muscles. It will allow those tiny muscle fibers to rebuild. Progress will become slow without rest periods.

Work out for muscle groups separately

Build up a smart plan by dividing those muscles into arms, shoulders, back, chest, abs, and legs. Make sure you people are focusing on muscle groups separately to make out the most of workouts.

Always focus on the chest and biceps with exercises such as bench presses, push-ups, and curls. One day focus on abs, legs, and back with squats, sit-ups, and deadlifts.

Another day you can go for an upper-body workout or lat pulldowns for shoulders and triceps. A strategic plan is required on different muscle groups to the main momentum with the workout.

Go for a leg up on muscle growth

Do you know the largest muscles in the body are in the legs, and working out will affect strength and fitness? Focus on squats and deadlifts. Focus on legs will provide the double benefit. Quads will have a more defined look, and the rest of the body will get the muscle fat.

Don’t do a lengthy form of cardio

Make sure you people are avoiding lengthy forms of cardio, especially for long-distance. A skinny to muscular workout plan would burn the calories fasters and make the metabolism faster.

The main goal is to build muscles and reduce the volume of these activities. Go for low-intensity exercise for cardio, such as walking. These activities will burn fewer calories to give you a great chance for weight gain.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are mostly referred to as cardio and contain other activities such as jogging and biking. The importance of aerobic exercise is to build muscle fast. Cardio will keep the unwanted weight off the body and let the new muscles show.

When you add aerobic exercise, the heart rate will increase and push blood through the body faster.

Muscles will get more blood and oxygen to help you to rebuild. If you are going running or jogging, then wait a minute and workout maximally about 30 minutes of running.

A bigger breakfast is essential

If you people haven’t paid attention to breakfast, then this is a time you need to. A bigger meal of breakfast would help you to build muscles. Although it is difficult for everyone to start your day with a protein-rich breakfast.

You are giving much fuel to exercise, and it isn’t easy to make you strong during a workout, especially when your body doesn’t have much energy. Don’t forget to add protein to breakfast.

Take milk before bed

Milk has nutrients casein which is known as slow absorbing protein. It is for boosting muscle growth and speeding up the recovery. This is very much effective for skinny people because of the high calories content.

If you eat many calories to build muscles, then milk is the best solution before bed. Extra calories late at night would increase the chance of weight gaining. The extra protein will make your body muscles stronger.

Go for sugar to get the benefit

Chocolate bars and candy contain little nutritional value, and sugar is addictive, making you want more. Lack of appetite is a big issue, and eating sweets in moderation would increase the hunger craving, and you may want more.

Junk food would also help you to bulk up the muscle mass. Hold on, we don’t want you the ruin your health, so take everything in moderation.

Take anything sweet an hour or two before a larger meal. It will make you much hungry and later on you can eat healthy food.

Pay close attention to diet

Nothing is possible without a good diet, and with hard work, you will get the benefits. A skinny to muscular workout plan requires a diet as well.

Proper nutrition is necessary to give your body the energy which is required to perform workouts. Junk foods will have zero nutritional values, and if you are lacking in nutrients, it will affect your health.

Make sure you include eggs, almonds, salmon, yogurt, beef, olive oil, and coffee in your daily routine.

Eggs are beneficial because they are a rich source, and salmon is great for omega-3 fatty acids to restore muscles after a tough workout.

Caffeine will help you to lift for a more extended period.

Take nutritional supplements

Supplements are effective for diet and workout routine because they will help you to gain muscles quickly. Nutritional supplements come in various forms, from shakes to powders.

Whey protein digests quickly, which will help your muscles to recover from a faster workout. Powder forms are best for blending it into a shake. Protein bars would be the other convenient choice as per your need.

You will get numerous effective supplements for protein and whatever is suitable to add to your routine.

Stay determined

Whatever you are doing for a workout should stay motivated for this either you are doing intense workouts or lighter ones. Simply show patience, and yes, this is true. Going from skinny to buff requires time and determination.

Always stick to the routine. You need to stay focused on the plan.

Improve sleep pattern

Sleep deprivation may affect the workout routine and if you want to enhance the performance, pay close attention to sleep patterns.

People need to sleep 7-8 hours, and it would be best for them to improve their sleep routine. People looking to maximize the results need to go to sleep early and turn off the screen.

When you sleep early, you can get up early every day for the workout routine, essential for you.

Stress management

Apart from everything, stress management is necessary because it will help you mentally and physically when you learn about managing stress. Stress has a disastrous effect on health and performance.

Unplug yourself from social media and other electronic devices. If you think stress puts you down, it’s time to manage the stress and keep you motivated to do something you wish to.

It will be somehow difficult to stay away from constant stress but find out how to build muscle mass.

Implement new plan

When you find yourself reaching goals, nothing works, so get into the gym and start figuring out what else you need to do. Stay away from hectic commitments in everyday routine and improve your mental health.

Motivates yourself towards healthier choices and recommended workout activities. It will maintain a healthy lifestyle with nutritious options. Go for the healthy options and eat nutritious foods.


This is the Workout Routine for Skinny Guys to Build Muscle. Get the help of trainers rather than going by yourself. High qualified professionals help you to remain strict with the measurements and how to progress the recovery.

Just stick to the routine to see effective results. Minimize stress and maximize recovery. You can also adjust calories up or down as per the weight gain journey.

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