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Why Are Arm Circles A Dangerous Stretching Exercise?

There are so many facts that indicate the arm circles are considered a dangerous stretching exercise. If you are a professional athlete, you need to know whether you are capable of this or not.

Several sports demand running and high-level flexibility, which will benefit you from stretching. You must be thinking about which sports we are discussing. It includes sports such as football, soccer, and basketball, where stretching can increase athlete performance. Static or dynamic stretching.

People who want to be in shape and flexible need to know which stretching is best and which should ignore. Here in this blog, we will share a few aspects about why arm circles are bad? Have a look


How To Perform Arm Circle Exercise?

Well, arm circle exercise is performed by standing straight and simply extending arms. When you move your arms in a circle without rotating the palms and wrists. It’s a dynamic stretching exercise that is done before and after the exercise regime.

Make sure you know the right techniques and whether it is safe or not for people with pathological health concerns. You may have seen arm circles prevalent as part of your fitness routine, and they should be done regularly.

People shouldn’t concentrate only on the arm lift exercise regime; diet is essential, especially when you don’t encounter any injury. Arm circles belong to dynamic stretching, and this is one of the beneficial types of stretching.

You may have seen arm circles in warm-up routines by athletes. You will extend the arms to the sides of the body. Make circles in a clockwise direction, then circle arms backward after a moment.

No need to do repeats. Just make sure you are doing it in the proper ways. Arm circles target the shoulder muscles and allow blood to move in the arm muscles for the biceps and triceps.

What Does Stretching Do To Your Body?

Stretching is the way to make your muscles flexible, and by making it a routine habit, your body would feel the massive change. If stretching were part of life, then you wouldn’t have discomfort for doing this so.

Improves the health of muscles

Stretching is the simplest way to relax the muscles, and there are so many other factors when it comes to the health of muscles. Stretching increases flexibility, adaptability, and tension.

Stretching relax the tight muscles and soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons and increases the range of motion. According to that, it also the muscle fibers at an optimum length to allow muscles to get used to.

Increase blood supply

Stretching in muscles increases the blood supply and also supplies necessary nutrients growth and development of the muscles. It is the reason why post work out stretch would be beneficial.

This is the best thing for an athlete’s savior because a wide range of motion is excellent performance. Muscles flexibility, joint, and other structures affect the range of motion where stretching helps you out.

Reduce the chance of injury

Muscles stretch protects athletes from muscles injury, and it can help you out to progress in your life without getting worried about the injury. All stretching exercises aren’t to do.

Types Of Stretching

Well, stretching is of different types and has different meanings in sports. We are going to share the main types of stretching, which should be known to everyone.

Why Are Arm Circles A Dangerous Stretching Exercise

Static Stretching

This one is the main type of stretching, which is static. This type of extension contains stretching the muscles and holding them into the position. It increases the time of stretch for at least 30 seconds to increase the flexibility and range of motion.

Static stretching gives benefits to your body with just a little effort. Stretching before a workout is always the best thing to arm up your muscles. Static exercises are best because it lowers the chances of injury after rigorous activity.

Dynamic stretching

It’s an active movement-based stretching where muscles in dynamic stretching give a full range of motion and won’t stay for long in one place. It will help to improve overall performance and decrease muscle stiffness.

Dynamic stretching is effective where you need to perform and prepare the muscles in advance for the rigorous activity. Blood flow got increased in dynamic stretching, which increased the heart rate.

It allows you to keep yourself innovative with these types of stretching. It is best for an average person, and lunges, squats, side shuffles, and leg swings are the best example of dynamic stretching exercises.

The intensity of dynamic stretching would vary from person to person. When you people start a workout of any type, make sure you are gradually moving ahead to the next level because it won’t affect your health, and you would come to know how to tackle this.

Ballistic stretching

Dynamic stretching makes your muscles stretched to the limit, and it stretches the muscles in the normal range without bouncy and jerky movements where risk gets increased. It causes muscles to tighten instead of loosen.

A professional athlete needs to understand the intensity of exercise, which is beyond to average person. Ballistics stretching can increase the range of motion and performance as well.

It is for struggling in shape and flexibility, which is a better option. Here the risk of muscles injury is the professionals always do quite less and ballistic stretching.

Risks of Arm Circles

You must be thinking, are arm circles bad for your shoulders? Arm circles are done almost everywhere and it can lead you to pain and shoulder impingement syndrome over time.

It is when a fluid-filled cavity around the shoulders makes the joints swell and become inflamed. Pain can wake you up from deep sleep. Arm circles are a form of dynamic stretching, and athletes’ performance may get affected by this.

As per the various searches, whatever exercise is performed before athletic activity would decrease the output performance. Stretching exercises include arm circles which increase the risk of muscle injuries.

If it is dangerous for professional athletes, then the average person would be at great risk before and after the workout. Make sure you are doing arm stretching exercises at home properly because improper techniques would harm the muscles.

It can damage and injure the shoulder cuff muscles. There are so many variations are introduced to reduce the risks of injuries.

What Are The Alternatives To Arm Circles?

Arm circles are dangerous stretching exercises, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have any alternatives to boost the shoulder muscles. There are so many ways to do easy and safe stretching exercises, but lateral raise is the best alternative to arm circles for people looking for safe stretching exercises.

Lateral raises

This is an upper-body exercise that targets the deltoid muscles. It strengthens the deltoid muscles that may cause injury in arm circles. It ensures the integrity of the shoulder joint and prevents injury.

A lateral raise is simple and easy to perform with dumbbells. The use of cables pulleys is very common and effective. Just stand on your feet with the hip distance apart.

Pick a dumbbell for each hand, and weight depends upon fitness level. Slowly raise the arm sideways and up to shoulder level.

What Else You Need To Know For Arm Circles?


Arm circles are convenient, and they can be done while standing or sitting. Arm circles have so many health benefits because of this convenience. This activity can be done at your desk at five-minute intervals two times a day. It could be big small, or rotating forward or backward.

Effective for computer users

Working computers can be detrimental to the body. The majority of people suffer from back and neck pain, headaches, shoulder, and arm pain while sitting long hours in front of the computer.

These problems can get worst with posture, so muscles can begin to swell and stiffen to overuse. Stretching can reduce the risk of computer-related injury.

Computer users ‘ stretching and exercises include shoulder rolls, shoulder and chest stretches, and hamstring stretches and arm circles.

Burn Calories

Arm circles burn calories combined with other exercises such as desk push-ups and arm punches twice a day. It can help to burn calories per week.

Make sure you have opted for the routine of five minutes of exercise include desk push-ups, arm punches, and arm circles.

These are the few aspects that we have shared in this blog to explain why arm circles are considered dangerous.

Here we have also mentioned the types of stretches, and last but not least, arm circles are very convenient and effective for computer users.

Don’t forget to follow these tips to save yourself from muscle injuries.


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