which muscles are affected by hang clean workout

What Muscles Do Hang Cleans Work?

Do you know what is hang clean? Well, this is a variation of power clean workout, and it is called hang clean because weight hangs in front of the body. This workout is effective for muscle groups and strength training workouts. Here in this blog, we are going to share a few facts about hanging clean for muscles. Have a look


How to do hang clean?

All you need to do is load the barbell with suitable weight as per your fitness level and then place it on the floor. Stand with feet hip-width apart to keep yourself engaged and your shoulders back and chest forward.

Squat down and grasp the barbell with a hook grip, which is wider than the shoulder. Just push through heels to stand up and keep the bar close to shins to bring it to mid-thigh levels. Make sure you people are not using heavy weights because it may cause injury.

Which muscles got benefit from hang clean work out?

Hang clean benefits are obvious to improve the strength, stability, and coordination with jumping power because it targets the body’s muscles, which will pump the growth hormones and turn out to be a great workout routine. There are so many types of hang clean you can do where muscles benefit from specific parts of the body.


What Muscles Do Hang Cleans Work?
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Hamstrings consist of muscles biceps, and it will be for taking much of the burnt of the exercise. It helps to get stabilized and make your knees flexible while doing hang clean. Hang clean muscles worked best to trim down and improve the strength of legs.

Gluteus Maximus

glutes are affected by hang clean as well
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These muscles are located in the hips, which are the largest muscles in the area of the body. It is responsible for extending hips and rotating.

Hang clean exercise will be thrusting hips from the front side, pulling the barbells from the floor, and extending the hips of the routine either positions in upright.


Quadriceps are targeted by hang clean workout
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The quadriceps consists of four major muscles. These muscles coordinate to help you stabilize the balance and extend your knees and flex the hips. Quadriceps function somehow as hamstrings to focus the stability.

Quads will be utilized during exercises, and when you extend the knees and begin to lift the barbell off the floor, it will be about completing the routine where it raises the barbells to the shoulders.

Back and shoulders

hang clean exercise can also help you workout on back and shoulder muscles
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When it comes to upper body muscles back, and shoulders got benefit from hang clean workout. Deltoid will do the heavy lifting with the support of arms during pull up, and trapezius supports the shoulder blades.


workout on your calves
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Calves are responsible for momentum when you lift the heels from the floor, and gastrocnemius and soleus muscles will make up the calf to work overtime during the phase.

Variations of hang clean

Snatch Hang clean

This one is possible only when you can perfectly coordinate and have the skill to do this. Here you will be swinging the bars upward and catching them overhead. Make sure you people have started with light barbell and make your way up to get more confident.

One Arm Dumbbell Snatch

It’s pretty simple to use dumbbells here, and you need to focus on each arm independently. One arm double snatch is effective for hang cleans workouts.

Clean and Jerk hang clean

This one is the best variation of hang clean. This variation works over the muscle groups and it is to maintain perfect form during exercise to increase the results. If you are finding this difficult, then ask your trainer to guide you on this.

What common mistakes should be avoided?

Here I will share the common mistakes that need to be avoided for hang clean exercise and making it more safe and effective.

Swinging the bar

If you allow the bar to swing it away from the body which increases the low back strain and other types of risk injuries. Make sure you people are focusing on keeping the bar close to your body during every phase of exercise to ensure you people have good control over this.

Bar moves horizontally

Don’t forget to check the bar is dropping in a vertical path rather than horizontally. If you find your knees and thighs in the same way, then adjust the form.

Grip too wide or narrow

Having a too wide or narrow grip can reduce the ability to perform the exercise with the appropriate technique. Make sure you have executed the right hang clean technique because hands should be on the bar outside the leg.

Tight grip

If the bar still rolls smoothly in your hands and you cannot do a controlled grip during exercise, this is alarming. A smooth transition isn’t allowed with gripped bar from thighs to the front shoulder area.

A tight grip causes you to drop the bat not complete the move. It increases the risk of injury to the wrists, hands, and back. Make sure you have a controlled but not too firm grip during movement.

Dropping elbows

Increased flexibility and strength in the lats and triceps would improve the spinal extension. It allows lifting the elbows higher to catch and hold. It may cause to drop the weight and increase the chances of risk of injury.

Poor landing

If you don’t maintain the proper body position while landing, hang clean, affect the balance and increase the risk of injury.

For people who land with elevated heels, it may be reasonable to jump or stomp the floor. It’s essential to land on both feet for stability and proper front rack position.

Too many reps

Too many reps cause bad injury and while doing hang cleans, keep your focus on proper form to make it effective. In the beginning, you are recommended to go for a few reps only per set from 2 to 4 and then increase the reps and learn the technique and strength increase. Go for lighter weight initially.


What is recommended to do a hang clean set?

Here we will share a few recommendations for those who want to do a hang clean set. Have a look

The technique must be improved

It’s essential to improve the technique and skill and start with three to five-set of 50-70 percent of one-rep max. You should have emphasized the positions, timing, and speed of the lift.

If you don’t improve the technique, you won’t be able to do a hang clean set. You need to know how to do hang cleans with the right technique.

Increase Power Output

Make sure you have performed four to six sets of repetitions with 65 to 80 percent of 1RM. If you perform these reps powerfully as much as you can, then it brings out more power.

Get stronger

Heavy hang cleans caused to increase overall clean performance. Hang cleans can enhance overall clean performance, pulling power, and strength, which is for increasing clean and jerk with maximal loads.

Strength requires heavyweight building, and you need to perform a few reps—five to 10 sets of two to three reputations.

Who should do hang clean?

Hang clean is a power-based movement that helps with athletic development and explosive strength. Athletes can use hang clean to enhance their overall athleticism and explosive strength.

Olympic weightlifters can use hang to increase clean and Jerk performance. Powerful hips and legs would give your more weight faster. Hang clean is a variation to Clean and Jerk, and doing hang clean will directly over to performance on the platform.

What safety and precautions need to be followed?

Performing improper resistance exercises would increase the risk of injury. Hang clean is one of the advanced exercises which requires extra attention to body position and form.

People who have constant pain in the shoulders, wrists, and elbows should avoid this workout. Make sure you have talked to a doctor or physical therapist to learn the hang clean is safe.

Stop doing exercise if you find any discomfort or pain while building muscles. Repeat the hang clean for the desired number of reps. Initially, start with five sets of 3 to 5 reps and increase it from there.

These are facts and figures which should be known about hang cleans workout. It would be helpful about an exercise routine. It is effective to strengthen the lower and upper body, burning fat, and improving balance.

You should know about proper form, and it’s imperative for the workout. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself, so make sure you have started with the lowest set of weights if you are looking for quality exercises.

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