complete guide to hand-release push-ups

What Are Hand-Release Push-ups and How to Do Them Effectively?

Hand-release push-up is a type of bodyweight exercise that works for muscle groups throughout the body.

You need to perform hand-release push-ups by placing hands beyond the shoulder-width apart, which keeps your back and legs straight during a workout, then lift the hands off the floor in between each repetition.

Hand-release push-ups go all the way to the floor. Here in this blog, we are going to share the detail on hand-release push-ups. Have a look either you were doing hand-release push-ups in the correct form or not.

What Are Hand-Release Push-ups and How to Do Them Effectively?
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Are hand release push-ups harder?

If you do these hand-release push-ups in the perfect form then it won’t be harder for you otherwise it may cause serious injury. For hand-release push-ups, start performing 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Choose sets and repetitions are always based on the ability to maintain good technique. Get into all fours position with knees and toes flexed and in contact with the floor.

Straighten the legs to lift the knees off the ground, so end up in plank position. Legs would be hip-width apart wider.

Pre tension your shoulders and hips engage the core. Squeeze quads and glutes. Chin should remain tucked throughout the movement, so if you were holding an egg under your chin, all repetitions should begin from the position.

Begin the downward movement, lower the chest towards hands by bending elbows. Shoulder blades should retract, and lower you to the ground. Lower your body until your chest, stomach, and legs are in contact with the floor.

Bring your hands back to the floor. Maintain your alignment and initiate the upward movement by squeezing your chest and pushing your hands to the floor.

Hand-Release Push-Ups Benefits

Improve push up technique and form

One of the main benefits of hand-release push-ups is the improvement of push-up technique and form. People who are doing hand-release push-ups need to do complete movements.

It speeds up the exercise to keep the momentum at the level. It engages chest muscles, so going low the floor. Your technique or form can be wrong, but when you are tired. Get to know about the right technique of push-ups.


Hand-release push-ups are a secret weapon for improving bench press and other strength performance.

When each repetition starts with your chest on the floor and hand-release push-ups help you to develop the explosive power associated with the initial first movement.

Each repetition is ideal for those who want to gain more power from their chest or everyday life.

Shoulder strength and mobility

Shoulders would be much more engaged during hand release variation as compared to regular push-ups. This is because starting position involves the chest touching the floor. People who are struggling with movement need to find regular push-ups manageable.

Upper back squeeze

Lifting hands off the floor will cause your shoulder blades together with subtle movement. It only requires hands and arms to move slightly.

An upper back squeeze will ensure the upper back is engaged. This type of movement is for combatting rounded shoulders.

By simply squeezing back during hand lift, you strengthen the upper back and shoulder muscles. It improves posture easily.

Muscle activation

Hand-release push-up workouts improve muscle activation by completing re-setting every movement for each repetition.

Lack of momentum requires maintaining muscle engagement after each repetition for muscles that need to engage in lifting the body off the floor fully.

Functional movement

Hand-release push-ups reflect movement you will find yourself to do at some stage.

Make sure you are capable of lifting yourself from the floor, which is great, and it will empower you in daily life. It’s hard to find many situations where you need to do multiple repetitions.

How to work out safely?

If you have any medical history, then consult your doctor before getting started with any exercise program. Proper exercise technique is necessary to keep you protected and for increasing the effectiveness of the exercise program.

You need to modify every exercise with the help of instructors. Always select a weight that allows having full control of your body throughout the workout.

While performing the exercise, pay close attention to the body to avoid pain and discomfort. If you want to see any continuity for building body strength, incorporate proper warm-ups, rest and nutrition into your exercise program.

Results will be based on the ability of workouts. You can take a rest for 24 to 48 hours before training for giving muscle groups recovery.

Disadvantages of hand-release push-ups

Hand-release push-ups also have some drawbacks as well, and you need to consider these in case of facing any difficulty.

Lower back strain

Doing hand-release push-ups, you should pull your shoulders back and lift your hands without extending your spine. This is easier, but few exercisers may experience lower back stress when they lift their chest off the floor.

Require enhanced shoulder mobility

People with tight shoulders would lift their hands off the floor. When you lift your hands, you can end up arching your lower back. This exercise is not good for people with immobile shoulders or existing shoulder pain.


If you lay flat on the stomach, it would be definitely uncomfortable for some exercisers, especially those who are overweight. Don’t try these push-ups during pregnancy.

Alternatives for hand release push up

Hand-release push-ups might be uncomfortable for you, but here we have gathered a few alternatives as well.

Push-up complex

alternative to hand release push ups

The push-up complex is one of the excellent upper back, core, and biceps exercises. You can combine these push-ups to create a movement where rivals hand-release push-ups.

Paused bench press

pause benchpress if you can't do hand release pushups

Paused bench presses would help to increase muscle power, and this is popular for powerlifting exercise. You can also go for a little lighter version than usual but make this exercise much harder than regular bench press.

Push-up/band pull apart superset

band push ups are ideal to replace with hand release push ups

Hand-release push-ups involve upper back work than regular push-ups, and rhomboids aren’t worked. The majority of lifters would benefit from doing targeted back exercise. These superset pairs push-ups deliver a balanced upper-body workout.

High Plank

high plank

Planks are one of the great alternatives for push-ups which help to build shoulder and upper back strength. Planks are a great way to support balance. Hold it for 15-30 seconds in a high plank position and then repeat 2-3 times.

Rotational punches

rotational punch exercise

Punches require multiple muscles in the upper and lower body to activate. It takes a great amount of core strength to protect your back while performing this exercise.

Lightweights would help to burn tons of calories. Take lightweight in each hand and bring your hands to the chin, elbows bent and pointing down towards the ground.

Pull the abs to engage the core and start punching one arm forward without losing form.

What mistakes you should avoid with hand push-ups?

You people need to avoid mistakes with handoff push-ups. If you know about the right technique, it’s pretty simple to avoid them.

Keep in the form

On performing a set of hand release push up, it’s essential to know about the right form throughout every rep and set.

If you people lose that straight line from head to heal, you will fail to engage the core. Always stop squeezing the glutes to prevent hips from sagging.

Don’t rush the exercise

Another mistake we need to avoid with hands-off push-ups is that people need to be controlled while performing the exercise.

People who think it’s an easy exercise need to avoid this mistake. Avoid lowering yourself to the ground quickly, and this pushing movement has worked with your chest, shoulders, and upper arms.

Don’t lock your elbows

You people need to avoid this exercise to lock out the elbows at the top of the movement. People who are in starting position need to push themselves back up from the rep. Don’t fully lock out elbows. This could cause damage to joints and lead to injury.

Wrapping up

These are the facts about bent over the row, which is effective movement. Make sure you people work hard before you move to heavyweight because there is a risk of movement. It’s great for maximal muscles and strength gains. You can try out different variations as per looking into this movement in detail.

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