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What To Eat Before Early Morning Workout Bodybuilding?

If you people are planning to work out, you need to pay attention to your food before exercising. Food intake depends on the type of workout, so make sure you take food rich in protein.

It will help a person to build muscle with resistance. Pre-workout meals are necessary to balance the macronutrients, which are dietary compounds required for the body available in large quantities to function properly.

Three macronutrients need to eat such as protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Here in this blog, we will share what to eat to get the morning workout benefits.

What To Eat Before Early Morning Workout Bodybuilding?


Diet Routine Before Morning Workout

A glass of chocolate milk

Chocolate milk is one of the good things that won’t be heavier on your diet. Make this drink which is one of the excellent post-workout snacks for an excellent pre-workout breakfast.

Chocolate milk is rich in carbs and protein to power your sessions. If you are not craving solid food in the early morning, take lactose-free or soy chocolate milk. It would be beneficial for you.

Cereal or granola

Include a big bowl of cereal. It’s totally up to you on taking a small portion of ingredients such as oats, corn or wheat flakes, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

Granola can give you enough amount of carbs, fiber, and protein to provide you with enough power.


Bananas are great for those who wake up with nausea because bananas are best for an empty stomach. Take a spoonful of peanut butter which will give a bit of protein before the workout and keep you going.

Bananas are a great energy source, and if you are feeling low before a workout, then bananas provide a great boost up.

Toast with jam

This is also a good pre-workout breakfast because it’s easy to digest and would be easier on your stomach.

You can have a whole-grain variety of bread but if you people have stomach issues with fiber-based foods, then avoid whole-grain bread. Gluten-free toast works well.

Fruit smoothie

Smoothies are best for workouts, and they are packed with nutrients but go down fast and easy. Make your smoothie more or less depending on ingredients.

Use only fruit and milk for a lighter smoothie which is heartier; add yogurt, nut, butter, and protein powder.

People who don’t have time before a workout can have smoothies after a proper morning workout routine to build muscles. It will be a great treat for post-workout as well.


Yogurt is another digestible thing to provide your body with sufficient carbs and protein for pre-workout.

If you people don’t prefer unsweetened, then take a little bit of honey or jam for quick energy.

Take yogurt and go for a quick morning workout. Full fat is delicious, and it would be much more for the stomach. You can go for fat-free yogurt as well.

Breakfast cookie

People who don’t have time to take something more energetic in breakfast should have opted for breakfast cookies.

For morning workout diet filled with good ingredients in granola such as oats and other grains, fruits, honey, and nuts. Store these cookies in an airtight jar or keep them in the fridge or freezer.

Protein bar

A protein bar is packed with nutrients, and portable bars are fine to keep in a gym bag. Bars are rich in protein and specially made for weight training workouts.

There are unlimited flavors and different textures, but we want you to take varieties of added fiber that may upset your stomach during an exercise.

Oatmeal milk

Oatmeal milk is made up of complex carbs and protein. If you prefer instant packets or overnight oats, then it is also a good option.

You can customize it with brown sugar, raisin, nuts, or berries. Dairy-free people need to use soy or pea milk which may give you extra protein.

Hard-boiled egg and grapes

Hard-boiled eggs are great for belly protein which is amazing for workouts, and it is convenient and mild for the stomach, especially before a workout.

You can also have grapes, nectarine, and banana for some energy dose for those feeling hungry.

Apple Sauce

It’s a mixture of pureed apples, spices, and sweeteners. Apples are peeled before making sauce, and it’s low in fiber which is high indigestible. It’s amazing before a workout, and you can have it on toast as well.


People who love dates so much should know dates are naturally sweet, delicious, and nutritious. Those who want to have low sugar desserts should have this in their diet because it will work out great.

Dates are a good source of energy, and you can try out your favorite desserts with dates. It will turn out amazing.

Homemade granola bar

Homemade granola bars are best to fuel your body within the minimum amount. Make it at home with wholesome carbs, seeds, and dried fruits.


If you have leftover potatoes or sweet potatoes from the night before, then microwave them in the morning and eat them for breakfast. Potatoes are full of starchy fuel, which is easy to digest.

Types of carbohydrate best in a pre-workout meal

carbs for morning workout routine

Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbs are a short-term source of energy, and pre-workout meals include so many simple carbohydrates.

If a person may feel a drop in energy before finishing a workout, take complex carbs rather than simple ones because complex ones provide more energy over an extended period.

Complex carbohydrates

These are components of foods that are rich in nutrients, including beans. Simple carbs are a typical component of foods with little or no nutritional value, such as chocolate bars and cakes.

Foods that contain complex carbs have a lower glycemic index than simple carbs. The low glycemic index would increase blood glucose levels and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Our body digests complex carbohydrates slowly than simple carbs. If you want to increase the energy before a workout, they should have consumed complex carbs 2-3 hours before, and simple carbs must have consumed 30-60 minutes before.

Broccoli, sweet potatoes and other veggies, whole-grain pasta, beans, lentils, brown rice, oats, whole grain bread.

How do fats help before a workout?

Fats are an essential energy source, and so many professionals have advised their patients to consume high-fat meals before a workout. The body digests fats slowly than carbs.

The body can’t break down and absorb fats before a workout. Take healthful fat food, which is highly nutritious, and saturated fats which help provide several health benefits.

Avocados, nuts and seeds, and olive oil. You all need to improve your morning workout eating routine.

Stay Hydrated

drink water before morning exercise to stay hydrated

Whatever type of workout you will have, make sure you are not compromising the water intake. Take 2-3 liters of water daily. Dehydration would trigger so many health issues, so keep yourself hydrated.

If you don’t like the taste of plain water, then consume detox water and add ginger, cucumber, mint leaves, and lemon to enhance the taste, and trust me, this would be beneficial before a workout.

How to focus on pre-workout nutrition to maximize performance?

You all need to pay attention to pre-workout nutrition to maximize your performance. Whatever is suggested should be taken to increase the metabolism.

Workout on an empty stomach would be harmful to your health and if you don’t pay attention to pre-workout nutrition, it will mess up everything.

Take the help of a nutritionist on what he suggests you take before a workout to increase performance.

To maximize the results, try to eat a complete meal containing carbs, protein, and fat 2-3 hours before a workout. Don’t forget to take something nutritional before a workout.

What to eat post-workout?

The goal of post-workout is to recover you from dehydration, refuel and build muscles to improve future performance. There are so many things that should be added to the diet for increasing blood flow and insulin sensitivity.

Eat the proper meal before and after a workout. Your body may need nutrients, so eat the right meal during the time to refuel and tissue repair.

For post-workout dinner, take 15-25 grams of carbs per hour and 5-10 grams of fat for satiating purposes.

Make sure you people are not taking unhealthy fats, and a well-balanced meal is essential to keep you fit and healthy.


These are the things you people need to add to your diet for pre-workout. Get the help of a nutritionist if you find something difficult. Don’t forget to opt for a perfect morning workout because it will make your whole day and if you have eaten a well-balanced diet, you won’t feel low for productive work.

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