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Best Cardio Machine For Bad Knees [2022]

People with chronic diseases would more likely to have bad knees complications such as arthritis. There are so many best cardio machines for bad knees that would help you make the exercise easier for you. It won’t have any painful side effects on your knees.

Doing the right exercise will give your relief from knee pain. It strengthens the bones, joints, and muscles as well. Here in this blog, we are going to unveil the best cardio machine for bad knees. Let’s have a look


List of the Top 5 Best Cardio Machines for Bad Knees

Here are the highly-rated considerations from our side:

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bikes – Overall Best Machine Cardio Machine for Bad Knees

Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels is a budget-friendly trainer and offers a wide variety of features. For people looking for convenient options to lose excess weight and want to increase their cardiovascular health, Marcy NS-40502R is one of the best choices.

It has a sturdy construction that allows performing light to medium intensity cardio exercise. Eight level of resistance is added to make the workout more challenging.

Cardio Machine For Bad Knees

Features and specifications

Frame Construction: Marcy NS-40502R has a durable steel construction that can support up to 300 lbs. its frame is made of rectangular steel tubing, effective for sturdiness and stability. It consists of two parts the front part with flywheel and driving mechanism and the rear part with seat. All steel parts are constructed with a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant finish.

Stability: Marcy NS-40502R offers a high level of stability with a rear base equipped with adjustable levelers.

Level of Resistance: It is designed to add an extra feature to make your workout more challenging, which features magnetic resistance with eight preset levels. Overall provided resistance by the bike is not extremely tough. It is effective for light to medium workouts.

Machine resistance is manual, and the unit doesn’t need any connection to a power source. This bike’s lower level of resistance is not intense, and lower levels deliver light pedal tension for recovery training.

LCD Display: This exercise bike features a battery-powered LCD computer screen to show the time, speed, distance, and calories. When you begin the exercise then easy to monitor the progress, and when your exercise is stopped monitor will automatically turn off.

Seat and handlebars: Manufacturers have paid close attention to making the seat of standard size. It is comprehensive to a maximum of 40 cm and padded with 5 cm of foam material. It won’t offer any adjustment featured or doesn’t recline. Two sets of handlebars are attached to the console mast and the other is attached to the seat.

Assembly and maintenance: manual provides clear instructions, and it won’t take more than an hour of assembling. It is required to assemble the frame, base bars, the seat, the backrest, the console mast, the handlebars, the pedals, and the console. You don’t need to lubricate its internal parts and don’t require anything much for maintenance.

Reasons to Consider

  • Sturdy steel frame structure
  • Carry up to 300 lbs.
  • Transport wheels.
  • Weighted pedals with adjustable straps
  • Quiet magnetic resistance system
  • Exercise meter can track time, distance, speed and calories.
  • Adjustable resistance offering 8 levels.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Reasons to Avoid

  • No pulse reading function
  • Batteries are not included for console
  • No bottle holder

Final thoughts on Marcy NS-40502R

It’s a reliable recumbent exercise bike for a home gym. There are 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance, which comes with a basic console. It has sturdy frame construction with an adjustable padded seat. The exercise bike is made for light to medium cardio workouts. It’s an ideal exercise machine for seniors with a low impact on joints and knees.

NordicTrack T Series 6.5 Treadmill – Most Effective Exercise Machine for Knee Pain

Nordic Track T series 6.5 S is a beginner-level treadmill with a foldable frame. It is convenient for the home gym. NordicTrack treadmill has 10 MPH smart one-touch speed control with an auto adjustment of the treadmill’s speed.

Heart rate monitoring would be possible through dual cardio Grip sensors on both handlebars. This is also one of the top-notch machines for bad knees.

effective exercise equipment for bad knee

Features and specifications

Frame construction: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S has sturdy frame construction, and the deck is composed of composite material to keep the running platform solid and durable for a long time. If you are looking for a light enough option to fold, then it is best for stability.

Design: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S is easy to fold in just one step. This is the best low-impact cardio machine for bad home knees. The large track is designed with Flex Select cushioning that allows you to use the support to decrease the joints impact.

Console: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S allows you to monitor the progress quickly and see the results of your programs. Connect the smartphone to the console via Bluetooth. It has built-in speakers. Monitor the heart rate as well with the built-in sensors on the handlebars. The console can be easily controlled with easy one-touch keeps you moving without interruptions.

Motor: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S has a 2.6 CHP motor, maintaining and holding the speed. It won’t get overheated and is one of the best exercise equipment for bad knees to meet the needs of runners and walkers. NordicTrack offers a full-time warranty on the frame.

Fitness App: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S is compatible with iFit and provides automatic stats, Google Maps training routes, and a library of workouts with exercise benefits.

Incline: Nordic Track T series 6.5 S has an excellent 0-10% power adjustable incline.

Safety Key: It has a safety key, which is a magnetic piece that must be in the handle before turning on the machine. If the magnetic key is not in place, then you can’t turn on the treadmill. Also, to prevent the treadmill from displacing, you can place rubber flooring or mat underneath it.

Reasons to Consider

  • Easy to lift and hold in one step
  • Flex Select cushioning
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Wide range of built-in programs

Reasons to Avoid

  • iFit membership is required
  • Noisy Motor
  • Not equipped with cooling fans
  • Low incline range

Final words on Nordic Track T series 6.5 S

It has everything you need for the basic treadmill. It can easily adjust the bell speed from 0 MPH to 10 MPH, and the incline goes up to 10 degrees. At the highest speed frame holds strong and doesn’t wobble.

SereneLife Rowing Machine – Most Reliable Cardio Equipment for Knee Pain Relief

Serene Life SLRWMC18 is a magnetic resistance rowing machine for bad knees, best for home gym. It’s a light capacity unit that performs a variety of full-body cardio workouts. Now you can do cardio at home without leaving home.

It will help to get a full-body workout and increase the cardio levels within no time. A smooth-gliding row seat would be comfortable to use. Rowing machines would give the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic exercises as well.

Reliable Cardio Equipment for Knee Pain

Features and specifications

Frame construction: Serene Life SLRWMC18 is a frame made of steel tubing,consisting of rectangular and cylindrical bars. Steel parts of the rowing machine are coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. The machine also has ABS parts. It’s a lightweight capacity rowing machine and can support 220 lbs.

Seats and other parts: Serene Life SLRWMC18 is equipped with a seat that is made up of high-density foam. It is firm and not extremely hard. The surface is contoured and ribbed to provide extra comfort to prevent you from sliding off. The seat is 35.5 cm wide and 28 cm deep. The base of the seat is made up of steel, and the whole seat can hold users up to 220 lbs.

Resistance system: Serene Life SLRWMC18 is equipped with a magnetic resistance system. It doesn’t need to connect with the power system. The resistance system consists of an internal magnetic brake. It increases the rowing difficulty. If you turn the dial counterclockwise the brake easily moves away from the flywheel that reduces the rowing difficulty.

Exercise Meter: Serene Life SLRWMC18 is equipped with a magnetic resistance system with manual action. Its control doesn’t control the resistance and doesn’t have preset workout programs. It features an LCD to track time, distance, count, total count, RPM, and burned calories. The Meter unit is easy to use with one button to scroll to select the interest.

Assembly and Maintenance: Serene Life SLRWMC18 has a manual with easy instructions, and it takes more than 20-30 minutes of your time. Manual provides step-by-step assembly instructions with tool kit included.

Reasons to Consider

  • Light construction
  • Easy to handle
  • Folding frame
  • 8 levels of resistance for light to medium workouts
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little maintenance required
  • Pivoting footrests for perfect foot position with stroke

Reasons to Avoid

  • No backlight on computer
  • No pulse reading function

Final thoughts on Serene Life SLRWMC18

Serene Life SLRWMC18 is a light capacity rower specifically designed for a home gym, and it features a folding frame and contoured seat for optimal comfort. It is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system with 8 levels and a basic fitness meter. However, it’s not for professional use but to perform a full cardio workout. Available at an affordable price so you can have the right workout cardio machine at home. 

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical – A Cardio Machine with Low Impact on Knees

The Marcy magnetic elliptical trainer is a good cardio machine for bad knees. It’s one of the best choices for those who want an all-in-one workout machine for home. It helps you to train your upper and lower body at the same time. It consumes little space and can place wherever you want to.

Marcy Magnetic Elliptical - A Cardio Machine with Low Impact on Knees

Features and specifications

Build and design: Marcy magnetic elliptical trainer has a stride length of 12″ and can hold up to 300 lbs. It has a display console powered by 2 AA batteries. Handles are vinyl-covered and designed for maximum comfort.

Assembly: Its assembly is not complex despite the elliptical having many components. It would usually take 3 hours to assemble, and you can easily do it with written manual instructions.

Display and console: Marcy’s magnetic elliptical trainer comes up with a battery-powered LCD. The display shows time, speed, distance, and calories to view the workout progress. You can also reset the workout as well. Use the console to change the workout mode.

Warranty: The manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty on parts and accessories.  Assembling can be easily done with the help of an instruction manual.

Reasons to Consider

  • Less expensive among other elliptical trainers
  • Handles are comfortable with good grip
  • Easy to move and hold up well
  • Excellent customer service

Reasons to Avoid

  • The required constant change of batteries
  • Pedals become easily creaky and need to be lubricated

Final thoughts on Marcy magnetic elliptical trainer

Marcy Magnetic elliptical trainers are entry-level with so many features. Performance features are the same as it is offered for commercial grade trainers. One of the effective options for light to moderate fitness.

SCHWINN Fitness 430 Elliptical Machine – Most Compact Equipment for Knee Relief

Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine offers high-quality elliptical at home and one of the best fitness equipment for bad knees and if you want to keep yourself healthy, this trainer is best for a cardiovascular workout with combining upper and decreased body flexibility and coordination. Regular use of an elliptical trainer would maximize fitness and burning calories.

Compact Equipment for Knee Relief

Features and specifications

Frames and parts: Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine is essential because it integrates the drive and resistance systems. The frame is fabricated from metallic tubing with the simplest PVC parts. All metal elements are painted with corrosion and scratch resistant paint. The machine has hard and fast articulating pedals, and it’s perfect for users with joints disabilities.

Incline range: Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine offers six levels of manual incline that can put loads of range in multiple activities.

Elliptical stride: Its stride is nonadjustable and has a mid-variety stride duration to accommodate users up to 190 cm. taller customers can also use this.

Drive and resistance: This machine is powered by heavy obligation v-belts. It doesn’t have a heavy flywheel and make the stride smooth and stable. The Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine has 20 resistance levels, and the lowest ranges promote a mild workout routine. These are best for warm-ups and recovery.

Assembly and Maintenance: Assembling is not complicated, and it only takes 2 hours to get it to assemble. Instructions are provided with a manual that is easier to follow. A little bit of maintenance is required, and just make sure don’t spill any liquid at the console and flywheel. Keep the rails free of dust and debris because it would affect the rails or gliding wheels.

Reasons to Consider

  • Adjustable levellers
  • Steady momentum and easy pedalling
  • Noise-free operation
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Sturdy frame structure
  • Pulse sensors
  • Colling fan covered
  • Little maintenance required
  • Sound machine included

Reasons to Avoid

  • No backlight for displays
  • Manual incline instead of automatic

Final thoughts on Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine

Schwinn fitness 430 elliptical machine is one of the best cardio machines for bad knees. It has a sturdy frame structure with pulse sensors. Just little maintenance is required. This cardio machine is loaded up with extensive features so you can have it for your home gym.


Which cardio machine has the least impact on knees?

Elliptical machines have a low impact on knees as compared to treadmills. Just make sure you are using it right. Elliptical training is the best alternative for running or jogging for people who have arthritis.

What exercises not to do with bad knees?

You should avoid squatting, deep lunging, running, high-impact sports, and jumping, walking, or running upstairs.

Is squatting bad for knees?

Doing squats correctly won’t cause any complication for the knee, but if you are doing this incorrectly, it may cause knee injury.

How can I squat without hurting my knees?

Just go as low as possible without causing any distress and keep the thighs parallel to the floor and keep the back straight in the position to not hurt your knees.

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